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Quotation Marks in an Essay Example

When writing an essay, sometimes you will be required to use quotation marks. This is because sometimes, your lecturer will give you a guide how to write a good essay using the correct format or style. If you are not ready or feel like you need more information about how to do your essay, then a quotation mark is a smart way to write your essay and present a good essay.

How Quotes Are Used in an Essay

A good essay should be free from quotation marks. This is because quotation marks ensure that an essay is original. They also ensure that there is no plagiarism. It means that whenever you use a borrowed sentence in your essay, you are allowed to use them. They should not appear anywhere else apart from united airlines balanced scorecard the quotation marks. They should also be placed in parenthesis and the conclusion.

There are a few types of quotation marks. They include:

  1. full-backs
  2. full-citations
  3. part-fragments
  4. collective
  5. expressive

The purpose of using quotation marks is to identify where a particular author has stated a particular quote, and that the work cited is related to that quote. It is unique and must be used within the essay. For example, if the quote is paraphrased from a book, then it is part of the quote book, and it is not something that another person else wrote. It is suitable to use quotation marks in your essay where the book’s title is derived from the book. This gives you more freedom to choose where to use your quotation marks.

The reason why quotation marks are essential is that they give your essay that authentic feel and makes your argument easy to conclude. If your argument seems to be broad, you will find it hard to conclude because you have to eliminate any source of confusion. If your essay feels like it is too narrow, you will find it hard to conclude. Quotes also help you give your essay that reputation and make your paper look hard to read.

Where to Place Quotes in an Essay

The word quote can be any other words or words that seem to match up with your essay topic. There are some of the cases where you will be required to use quotation marks. These quotation marks are not normally used in academic papers, but you may require them anyway.

The following are the building blocks of a good essay:

  1. The introduction

Your introduction should be powerful and catchy. Quotes give your essay and essay an exciting feel. They should be constructed in such a way that your reader will be excited to read further. They should be used within the first few sentences of your essay. That way, your introduction will be inviting to your reader to read more.

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