05 Apr This business has to be turn off as their techniques are unlawful and scaring a lot of those who come in compromising roles during the time of the mortgage

This business has to be turn off as their techniques are unlawful and scaring a lot of those who come in compromising roles during the time of the mortgage

On October 26, 2012, a sort audience delivered us the next allegations about HYDRA Financial AKA Hydra Fund II: “I received an online payday loan from their website with no authorization, paid them as well as now getting threatening telephone calls at the job as well as house that i’ll be arrested for fraudulence, and I also now owe $1900.00 on a $300 cash advance for attorney fees, etc. They said the sheriff was arriving at arrest me at the job and also at house. We have alerted the Better Business Bureau, FTC, state police, place a fraud alert on my security that is social number title. When expected when they are FDIC insured if this can be an attorney workplace calling me personally, they hung up. I will be sending them a page certified I desire to the right target in PA in addition to faxing it for them too.”

I never authorized any pay day loan.

On October 29, 2012, we received the allegations that are following Hydrafund II: “I received two unauthorized deposits into my account. We contacted the consumer solution quantity me she would put in a request to have the transaction reversed that I found and the rep told. The corporation is a scam!”

On November 23, 2012, a sort audience delivered us the allegations that are following Hydra Fund: “They deposited $300 into my bank-account without me personally authorizing it. After checking online, we note that they seem to be fraudulent. We have attempted to contact them however you cannot cope with to anyone by phone. I’m hoping that my bank will have the ability to straighten this out.”

On January 17, 2013, we received listed here allegations about Summit Group: “I recently paid down my pay day loan utilizing the Summit Group and also have a verification email with loan provider account quantity, instance quantity, settlement quantity, original stability, present creditor and initial loan provider and I also am getting telephone phone calls from an alternate business claiming they will have a courier searching that I owe and a different account number for me to serve me papers, with a different amount. Interested about what i ought to do or perhaps not do? It was the payday that is only aided by the Summit Group we took out.” Editor’s Note: many thanks for giving us this entity to your experiences. Unfortuitously, we can not provide advice for particular reality circumstances. Please consult an attorney and file a issue with state regulatory agencies.

we never ever got an on-line loan with DJR Group or other online financial institution.

On January 23, 2013, an audience delivered us listed here allegations about DJR Group, LLC.: “This business advertised that I experienced a quick payday loan using them in April of 2012. A request was sent by them up to a healing business to just simply take cash away from my wages that we never nearest moneytree loans received. I’m uncertain exactly exactly exactly how they got my information nonetheless they don’t have my checking information. These people are crooks and frauds that want become prosecuted.”

On January 25, 2013, we received the next allegations against Hydra 2: “I received $300 that I didn’t accept from Hydra 2. i have already been struggling to contact them to get it reversed. I will be really scared of exactly exactly exactly how this is certainly going to end after reading a few complaints on several web sites about it business. Does anybody have advice that is legal avoid further damages using this business?” Editor’s Note: unfortuitously, we can not provide advice for certain reality circumstances. For legal counsel, please consult a lawyer.

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